Fudoshin Bukido Kobudo

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Other Dojo's

Satori Ryu Kenjutsu Dojo                                           http://www.satoriryudojo.com/

     Evasive Self DefenceCombat System                                                     http://www.esdcs.org/

Cobra Martial Arts Association                                        http://www.cmaauk.com/

Yama Gawa Dojo, Australia      http://www.fudoshinmartialarts.net/yama-gawa.html 

                            Cobra Ju-Jitsu Falls, Belfast                                                                          http://cobrabelfast.webs.com/

     Circle Martial Arts Centre                                                http://www.circlemartialarts.com/

  Bujinkan Senki Dojo                                             http://senkidojo.co.uk/default.aspx

British Fudoshin Association                                 http://britishfudoshin.wordpress.com/

Fudoshin Australia                                    http://www.fudoshinmartialarts.net/

     Sonkei Karate Dojo                                         http://sonkeikarate.webs.com/

Manchester Martial Arts Academy                                             http://mmaa.webnode.com/

   Molum Combat Arts              http://molumcombatarts.webs.com/mlcahonorsociety.htm

Shogun Shukokai Karate                             http://www.freewebs.com/shogunmark/


Suppliers and Magazines  

C.K.A Martial Arts                             http://www.ckamartialartssupplies.co.uk/

Van Dang Martial Arts Supplies                                                     http://vandang.co.uk/


Japan Society North West                                                                                              http://jsnw.org.uk/


Martial News - Online Martial Arts Magazine                                   http://www.martialnews.co.uk/

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