Fudoshin Bukido Kobudo

Here are a few pictures of people past and present from courses, classes, competitions, festivals ect.. 

 The late Professor D. Stretton


A signed card from Professor D. Stretton to my father 

Chojiri Tani Sensei with the late D. Macintyre, founder of Bukido and myself in my younger days

Our old dojo in Manchester at the Van Dang Martial Arts Centre 

Our old club at a festival in Bolton (left to right)

Billy Southern, Gareth Hayes, Dave Stretton, Dave Macintyre, David Macintyre 

My father, the late Dave Macintyre, founder of Bukido 

Myself and Shihan Kevin King after my Godan Kobudo award 

Bukido's first visit to the Shōsha Dojo in Pontefract

The Bukido and  Satori Ryu Dojo together on a Kenjutsu Course

Myself and Sensei Jason Olsen 

Myself with Sue Zammit 

Myself and Sensei George Gawne being awarded with the Dave Macintyre Memorial Shield 2011 

 The Martial Arts Show 2011(left to right)

Darren Ward, John Barrass, David Macintyre, Jason Olsen

Myself being presented Godan in Shukokai with Alan Foster, head of WorldMAC and Sensei Nasir Smiler

Myself and Sensei Gary Morris at the Japanese Gardens, Tatton 

Sensei David Castan and Soke Yasuyuki Otsuka at the Senki Dojo, Manchester

 Myself being awarded the 'Molum Combat Award' by Sensei John Barrass and the Satori Kan Dojo, Sunderland

'Furious 5' seminar, cadet session, March 17th 2012 

Myself and Sensei Chris Anderson with the 'Dave Macintyre Memorial Shield' at the I.O.M.K.F Competition, Spennymoor Easter 2012 

Some old faces from the WJJF, Professor D. Stretton is on the far left 

Sensei Gary Morris, Shihan Fumio Demura and myself at a Kobudo session of his UK seminar.

Myself and Sensei Taran McCarnun at a Hojojutsu senimar.

Professor D. Stretton and Sensei Billy Southern 

The old dojo where Bukido started its Kobudo training (left to right)

Dave Stretton, Billy Southern Dave Macintyre, David Macintyre, Steve Walsh, Gareth Heyes, Arthur Ryan 

Dave and David Macintyre on the Isle of Man competition 

My late Kobudo Sensei, Professor Dave Stretton 

Myself with Sensei Adrian Ward 

Myself with Sensei John Barrass 

Myself with Sensei Gary Morris and the Memorial Shield of the late Dave Macintyre, founder of Bukido 

 Students Mark Toplis and Kevin Seymour after there Iai-do Shodan Grading

Competiting at the Isle of Man Federation Competition 2010 (left to right)

Peter Turton, Gary Morris David Macintyre, Derek Willoughby, Mark Ball 

The Bukido, Satori Ryu and Nagashi Dojo's visit the Royal Armouries in Leeds to attend a lecture by Ian Bottomley 

 Myself with Sensei Brian Benthan

 The Bukido and Shogun Dojo's training together with the katana

 Myself and my father at class

R.I.P Professor D. Stretton 

 R.I.P Sensei D. Macintyre Snr

Sensei David Jackson and myself at a Meifu Shinkage Ryu training session 

Myself and Sensei John Barrass, Sensei Paul Simpson and Sensei Adrian Eakins at the Cobra Ju-Jitsu Dojo, Falls in Belfast

Myself with Sensei's John Barrass, Zahari Georgiev and Tetsutaka Sugawara.

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