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01/01/15 - Happy new year everyone!!! The dojo reopens on Wednesday 7th and Sunday 11th January. Looking forward to another exciting year for the dojo. We have already been invited to appear at the Doki Doki in November!!!

26/10/14 - Our Denton session has gone to a weekly session! We now have three sessions a week.

12/10/14 - Our new fortnightly session started today in Denton and was a great success.

19/08/14 - After a training session with Soke Tony Ball I have revised the lesson  structure and pricing for lessons, some can now be a cheap as £2.50 an hour!!!

03/08/14 - After discussions with members of the dojo we have associated with Cobra Martial Arts Association. We are looking forward to working closely with other dojo's.

06/12/13 - After a very busy year in the dojo I'd like to wish all our friends a merry christmas and new year and I hope 2014 has some great training lined up! All the best everyone.

06/03/13 - 2013 is already looking busy for the dojo with appearances booked for Japan Day in Liverpool and the Doki Doki event in Manchester. With two regular dojo's running on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We have a visit to the Royal Armouries, Leeds - Tatton Park Japanese Gardens - Japanese Tea Ceremony all still to book!!

18/11/12 - Well the dojo is now closed till Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th January 2013. Please note the Tusday dojo will then change address to:

Ladybridge High School
Bolton, BL3 4NG

I personally can't wait for the new year to start!!! Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year for 2013.

14/11/12 - After a quiet few months for the dojo, the gradings are set for December and we have two trips to Sunderland. One for a training session with the Satori Kan dojo and another for an introduction course. We have also been invited to preform at the Doki Doki event in November next year. 2013 should be another big year for the dojo.

15/08/12 - Been a great few months for the dojo, trips to the Isle of Man, Belfast and seen some good friends in Stalybridge. Looking into the visit to the Royal Armouries for later in the year.

29/06/12 - Bukido's first grading of the year to take place on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th July. Good luck to all!! 

                   Also Eskrima baston and Nunchaku will be being taught on the two day Isle of Man course in August.

23/04/12 - Had an amazing weekend training with the Cobra Ju-Jitsu dojo, please give his website and dojo a visit next time your in Ireland.

07/04/12 - Well done to Chris Anderson who was the winner of the 'Dave Macintyre Memorial Shield' for his contributions to the arts.

06/04/12 - New Wednesday venue is Walkden Parish Church (In the Community Hall next door)


30/03/12 - Unfortunately we have moved from the Circle Martial Arts Centre, Manchester due to circimstances beyond our control, a new venue for Wednesday's evenings session will be announced.

20/03/12 - Great seminar at weekend, pictures added and report to follow.

11/03/12 - After a great session training with the Satori Kan dojo in Sunderland I was awarded and inducted into the 'Molum Combat Arts Honour Society' of which I'm very proud and grateful.

28/02/12 - Great weekend at the Isle of Man with the Shosha dojo (story to follow) and new dates added to the calendar. Remember we will be moving dojo next week (07/03/12).


12/02/12 - We will be moving from Beesley Green to:

Circle Martial Arts Centre

2nd Floor Marlboro House,

52 Newton St,


M1 1ED

Lessons will start from Wednesday 7th March 8.15pm / 10.15pm (free parking on a meter after 8pm).

Subs will be £7 pay as you train or £20 (4 session month) £25 (5 session month)


10/02/12 - Bukido may be making there home back at the Van Dang Martial Arts Dojo due to unforeseen circumstances at Beesley Green. More to follow.

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